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Nothing like dance rehearsals in an empty warehouse @tobyregbo #magic
"The last episode had that will/they won’t they fade to black with just me and Toby [Regbo] mad making out on a bed. That will be resolved. You’ll find out whether or not they went all the way or whether they could curb their adolescent desires. Virginity is a huge thing, and he’s been very respectful of her body and her position…"

Adelaide Kane

Guys my Tobelaide feels are everywhereeeeeee please help this shouldn’t make me ship them so hard but it does.

me and Toby [Regbo] mad making out on a bed

I just also really love that she tells it like it is like no trying to be cutesy like WE WERE HARDCORE MAKING OUT.

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If that’s so, I wonder who Toby is dating…

Frary 1x21 still

Beautiful Adelaide Kane visited us in the showroom. Another signature on the Walk of Fame! *